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Modern Miami Beach Home with Coastal Inspiration
Today we will take into modern Miami beach home coastal inspiration. The client is a successful entrepreneur and enthusiastic art collector, he called for this unique project the top interior designer Michael Wolk due to his refined aesthetic.
In an amazing collaboration with architect Paul Fischman to transform the condo into a light-filled and modern home.The space was nearly cleaned, and Fischman and his firm got right to work meticulously selecting materials and finishes.
Every rooms was redesigned to bring in water views and the natural light to all areas.  Several walls come down to create a flow between divisions .
Wolk selected furnishings, lighting and accessories, to create that beachy mood  with a color palette of water, sand and sky that would make for a relaxed setting.  The style chosen was a  mix of contemporary, classic and iconic designers and in order to create a relax living space.

Modern Miami Beach home Modern Miami Beach home Modern Miami Beach Home with Coastal Inspiration 18b8eca002faf03ab744e07cb5619e3aThe large fish tank in the dining area,rings the seascape inside. Paintings by Richard Serra and Frank Stella

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