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Pop Art meets Modern Residence Design by Michael Dawkins
Michael Dawkins, a designer with more than 20 years of design experience, Dawkins is a master at bringing interior spaces to life.
A distinguished taste-maker, his elevated intellectual style is achieved by fusing genres, styles and textures to invoke progressive yet timeless design. The clients were moving to South beach, so they wanted something fresh and airy and modern for the new start in the city.
So they look into Michael Dawkins portfolio and jus fall in love with everything. Picking textures and neutral tones to décor the couple home bringing the cool South Florida style into the apartment.
The perfect complement to the modern design was the breathtaking Pop art collection that the couple owns. The pure white walls allow the vibrant collection of six Andy Warhol’s screen print and the Roy Lichtenstein iconic “Drowning Girl” too shine.
With an incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean this contemporary apartment is one of the kind , that will inspire you.

Pop Art meets Modern Residence Design by Michael Dawkins michael dawkins Pop Art meets Modern Residence Design by Michael Dawkins MD Home Continuum Tower 3103 007In the living room the designer mixes antique pieces like, the Indonesian folding screen with modern furniture selection.

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